Monday, September 3, 2012

Dancing in the park

Matthew tried to take me to La Glorieta on our first visit to Buenos Aires in 2009, but when we got there, we were the only ones there. It was pretty cold that evening, and it might have been raining that day.

We remedied our disappointment with ice cream from Volta down the street.

On Saturday we tried La Glorieta again. The milonga is located in a huge gazebo in the Barrancas de Belgrano park. Something magical about approaching a park and hearing tango music inviting you to dance.

The location is lovely, and the idea of dancing in a  gazebo on a spring-like winter evening makes my heart jump. But this was definitely a place that I was only dancing with my sweetheart. Not many leaders in the crowd were even attempting to keep a line of dance. The floor was chaotic, and I felt like we were playing bumper cars. Poor Matthew had the difficult job of navigating the tempest. We danced a few tandas and then watched for awhile.

Watching was better. Although the floor craft was a bit scary, the atmosphere was fun and casual. The music was classic. People watching was amusing. We ended the night with our traditional trip to Volta.

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